The most re-vitalizing health tool in my NUTRITION kit is the Protomorphogen.

Protomorphogens are a unique part of Dr. Royal Lee's nutritional genius which has revolutionized health potential for those fortunate enough to have learned about their regenerative capabilities. A protomorphogen is rather a template for the body to create better and healthier cells. They are nutrients and are derived from cell substance of glands. PMGs are not glandular supplements, rather supplements made of the cell secretions which direct cell repair and maintenance.

They are useful for re-vitalizing sick tissue such as the thyroid, adrenal, heart, digestive system, nerves, kidney, pancreas, reproductive organs, liver, bones, the immune system, etc. They are tissue specific, as each organ has its specific cellular instructions on how to produce and heal that tissue packed within its own cellular substance.

The body is an immune system in that every cell has immune capabilities. Apparently immunity is not the only function of our "immune system". The other primary function is that of regulation of cellular growth and repair from conception throughout life.
This dual function was evidenced in the 1930s when Dr. Royal Lee and others began researching cell growth. Dr. Lee explained the complex relationships between immune response, normal and abnormal cell growth, and autoimmunity. He formulated supplements of animal derived products that could normalize and heal the immune system and virtually every organ type.

Dr. Lee called these supplements protomorphogens (PMGs), meaning primary form or structure. A PMG is the specific cellular material extracted from the cell nucleus containing the nucleoprotein. The nucleoprotein contains the genetic DNA and RNA which regulates the structural regeneration of the cell.

PMGs are made in the cell nucleus but are not the DNA/RNA- but the chromosome end products, actually mineral chains sequenced in code, and are the blueprints by which the basic functions of the chromosomes are formed.

In an unhealthy body, there may be mineral deficiency, improper coding, insuffient protein availablity and poor intercellular function. By adding dietary PMG's and complementary nutrients, the patients own ability to create and support healthy tissue becomes greatly enhanced.

I find this empowering. We have a supplement which is entirely natural that can more appropriately re-program the formation of our organs and direct their growth and healing. There is nothing like this in allopathic medicine.

In practice I use PMG's daily. Many patients find dramatic results when treated appropriately for their particular concerns. I find most frequent need for adrenal support due to chronic stress, thyroid support for metabolic problems, brain tissue PMG's for those with ADD type symptoms and Immune PMG's for total health and wellness.

Standard Process Protomorphogens are healthy, natural and powerful. More than a blueprint, they actually contain that elusive spark of life we don't want to lose!


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