Diagnosis: Sick & Tired

Adrenal Fatigue is not a diagnosis you are likely to receive from your ‘regular’ doctor, although it is quite likely what you are suffering if you are sick and tired.  In fact Adrenal Fatigue presents differently in different people, thus making it quite difficult for a simple diagnosis.  In addition, there is no pharmaceutical money to be made from it, thus, for many prescription bound doctors, it doesn’t really exist.

The adrenal glands are first line stress responders in the body.  No larger than a walnut, they sit atop each kidney, very close to the aorta, a major blood vessel from the heart.  Their location is critical because it allows fast chemical response to stress or danger by releasing hormones directly into the blood stream as blood is being rushed to the rest of the body.  Cortisol, epinephrine, sex hormones, to name a few are derived from these glands.

The adrenal glands command powerful hormones to affect the way you think, feel, even how you think you feel.  They determine the energy of your responses in crises, whether to attack, retreat, surrender or duck is all determined by these tiny glands.  It is no small wonder that we can feel so profoundly bad when things are not right with the adrenals.

These glands contain the power to survive, or not, depending on the state of their health.
Most people’s adrenal glands are hearty enough to withstand daily stress for 15-20 years.
Unfortunately, stress comes in many variations from physical stress such as over-work, over-training, and lack of sleep~ to thermal stress, overheating or chilling~ to chemical stress from the environment and toxins in food~to the undeniable stress of emotional and mental stress most adults are familiar as an all-too-often companion.  Most patients present with these signs after 15-20 years of daily stress, work or parenthood, usually.  Some present after a major trauma, severe illness or personal crisis, but most of us lose adrenal power from daily stressors over time.

Adrenal hormones affect blood sugar, heart and digestive function, anti-inflammatory reactions, as they produce natural cortisone, and immune function by way of allergy to alcohol, drugs, foods and environmental allergens.

Hypoadrenal patients are commonly seen as having ‘low energy’.  Often people simply think they are getting older, but this is not typically the case, in fact it a matter of time, but accumulated time of being stressed.  The adrenals can only produce their protective influence for so long if they are overused and undernourished.

Hypoadrenia is more a collection of signs and symptoms rather than one entity.  Many people look and act quite normal, while feeling rather gray.  They often use coffee, cola, sugar and other stimulants to get going and prop themselves through the day.  They often suffer hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, which add to their syndrome of allergies, arthritis and a weakened immune response.  Often anxiety and depression co-exist along with chronic insomnia, these signs also help lead to the diagnosis of Adrenal Fatigue.

Metabolism can be so altered with this that body shape can transform.  Changes in metabolism, fat and protein assimilation , fluid and electrolyte balance add to shift weight to the waistline, often known as ‘central obesity’.  This is a hallmark of Syndrome X, or a pre-diabetic state.  Generally speaking, a woman’s waist measurement should be under 35 inches, a man’s under 40 inches, otherwise, we must suspect pathologic shift of weight and check the adrenal glands.

Interestingly, women who claim to have felt the best they have ever felt during pregnancy are often hyopadrenal and are actually being re-vitalized by their baby’s adrenal glands.  This is gratifying for the mother, but the child’s vitality is being drained before they are born due to the mother’s adrenal insufficiency.  This is yet another sign that goes unnoticed by most ‘regular’ docs and is often regarded as a nicety during pregnancy rather than being realized for the distress signal it is.

There are various clinical ways we determine if adrenal fatigue is driving pathologic biology.  Heart sounds indicate different problems of different organs, not just the heart and we are trained to discern which mean heart, liver or adrenal problems.  Any person with lung problems, particularly those who are helped by an epinephrine inhaler should be checked for hypoadrenia.  Blood pressure is typically low in a hypoadrenal patient, but it is more complex than that.  Differences are most noted when standing quickly, and blood pressure readings while sitting, lying and quickly standing can help determine if the adrenal glands are exhausted.  Earlier in the disease process blood pressure may be high due to on-going stressor and co-exisiting problems.

Also, often seen in the hypoadrenal cases are varicose veins, hemmorhoids, bloated feelings in the abdomen, and chronic and severe infections of any sort, but particularly of recurring bouts of respiratory or sinus infections. 

Most dramatically we see pain as in arthritic pain.  The adrenal’s glucocorticoids are the body’s own anti-inflammatory hormones.  Insufficient output from the adrenal glands leave the body to ache much longer than would otherwise be the case.  When a patient receives relief from an injection or two of cortisone, we suspect adrenal insufficiency.  In addition, the muscles that attach to the medial, inside aspect of the knee relate to the adrenal glands.  If a patient has profound and unrelenting knee pain or weakness, we must think adrenal as well.

There are numerous scenarios, and too many relative disorders of metabolism to mention in this article, but the tests are simple, and the treatment works, and works very well.  As with many disorders treated functionally, given proper nutritional support, glandular protomorphogens which direct new adrenal tissue formation, and homeopathic remedies to rid the body of toxins, it seems miraculous that the body is once again free to heal itself to a functional whole where all the body parts work together to protect and defend and support life, as its Maker intended.

We have helped hundreds of people regain their vitality by making appropriate diagnosis and giving guidance to the whole food supplements and homeopathic remedies which are pure and natural. Health and vitality can be yours once again, you deserve that!



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